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When did you start cooking?

K: I started cooking when I was five years old. I loved cooking because I could do it with my dad. Whenever we cooked, I helped him make tasty and yummy meals. I really loved cooking because it was something I could do with my mom and my dad.


Why do you like cooking with your parents?

K: I really like cooking with my parents because that gives us more time to spend together. When we cook, it’s just me and my mom or me and my dad. I like being with them.


Why do you want other kids to learn how to cook?

K: I want kids to learn how to cook because knowing how to cook is a good thing. When you’re cooking not only do you spend time with your parents, but you also have the chance to discover new things and learn new recipes. Cooking is very enjoyable.


Is there anything that you don’t know how to cook that you’d like to learn to cook?

K: I would love to learn how to bake designer cakes. I know how to make sweet potato pies, but I would love to learn how to bake special cakes, too.


If you could only cook one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be: breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

K: If I could only cook one meal forever, it would definitely be breakfast. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I like to eat it at any time.


Is there a celebrity you’d like to cook for?

K: I would love to cook for That Girl Lay Lay.


Do you prefer spicy or sweet foods?

K: I love spicy foods with lots of flavors. I love that kind of food because that’s what I grew up eating. My dad is from Jamaica, so I love those Jamaican spices.


What’s your favorite dish to cook?

K: My favorite dish to cook is macaroni and cheese because it’s so delicious.


What’s your favorite dessert to make?

K: I like lots of desserts, especially when I can experiment and make new ones. I guess my favorite would be sweet potato pie with Cool Whip on top.

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