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Growing up, Ebony Morgan and her sister, Essence, were textbook twins. From their appearance, to the way they walked and talked, Ebony and her sister were indistinguishable. But as they got older, Essence emerged as the leader of the two and Ebony became less of a mirror image and more like a shadow.

Now at college, Essence is no longer interested in ‘twinning.’ In fact, she wants nothing more than to put distance between her and Ebony. That desire leads Essence down a troubling path. Devastated at her sister’s abandonment, Ebony is trying to build a life of her own. But Essence’s ‘mean girl’ attitude may prove more than she can handle. When heartache and heartbreak enter their lives, both girls find themselves navigating adversity that could turn their worlds upside down. Can their twin bond withstand the ultimate test?

In this dramatic sequel to her debut  Reasonable Insanity –

A Dr. Olivia C. Maxwell Novel, Cynthia Freeman Gibbs delivers another evocative account of the life-altering pathway of a psychologist on a mission to control her impulsive reactions to adversity. 


Dr. Olivia C. Maxwell is free from prison - but not the rage that landed her behind bars. Fury toward her soon-to-be ex-husband, Malcolm, is amplified by decisions he’s made about the lives of their two children, along with the announcement of his unexpected fiancée. Olivia must reckon with the impact her reckless actions have on her kids while balancing moving forward to a life without the insatiable urge for revenge. 

Olivia’s best friend, Savannah Menefee, is open to exploring out-of-the-box relationships. No-nonsense Savvy lowers barriers around her heart for unusual encounters to find the right man for her life – and now she’s exposed herself to a dangerous rendezvous. 

The redeeming power of friendship is evident in the midst of Olivia and Savvy both navigating through chaotic relationships that bring about twists, terror and possibly, destruction. 

Comedian Cameron B is a man with his back against the wall. The rent is due, his family needs food and bill collectors are blowing up his phone. Since his career is stalled, he's faced with doing agricultural work to make ends meet….that is until fellow entertainer, Lance The Great throws him a lifeline – two grand and a proposal. The loan and the opportunity changes Cameron's fortunes, but at what price?

Now, Cameron doesn’t need to focus on his career. His side hustle has taken him from ashy to classy, where expensive cars and custom made clothes are the norm. And with the newfound wealth, a real player is born. Soon, Cameron finds himself trying to juggle life as an entertainer, father, boyfriend to several, and criminal. He’s tugged in several different directions and the only things that really wins out are the many criminal pursuits he has and the red-headed sexy sidepiece he's acquired.


 In pages packed with his trademark humor, Gee proves he’s a new voice you’ll want to add to your reading collection.

A Teacher's Passion... She's spent years teaching students English, changing their lives and igniting a love of learning. Her passion for her job is not only fueled by a love of teaching, but a desire to escape a lifetime of personal loneliness. A survivor of sexual assault, she's also mastered the art of "self-medicating" and looking for love in all the wrong places. All that changed the day Marley walked into her class. He was just as wounded as she. . . but there were just some lines a teacher didn't cross, especially when she knows the damage that can be caused by lines that are blurred too early. That was then. This is now. Time changes everything.

Three sisters and a baby equal family drama...
Bridgette, Ivy and Savannah have always been close...but their sisterhood hasn't been without its challenges. Yet these sisters always manage to come together in times of need.
When Savannah, the youngest sister, is faced with a life-altering illness, which threatens her lifelong desire to have children, one of her sisters offers to give her the ultimate gift- to become her surrogate.
While Savannah is overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude about her impending motherhood, not everyone in the family shares her sentiments. In fact, the upcoming bundle of joy has created a discord that this family may never be able to overcome.

Sasha "Pink" Jansen has heard the voice of God. He spoke loud and clear at her purity ceremony, when she was just sixteen years old and Pastor Malik Stroman placed that ring on her finger. And He was just as clear when He told her that purity ring would someday be replaced with a wedding ring from the same man . . . all Pink had to do was save herself. Dreams of a life with Pastor Malik were enough to keep the privileged princess committed to her vow, dodging all kinds of temptation, resisting every romance, and the whole time, keeping her eyes on the prize—the day she would become first lady. There’s just one problem—Pastor Malik already has a wife. 

Savannah Hudson always looked for a surprise from her husband, Sheldon, when he returned home from his travels. It was a tradition that began at the start of their twenty-three marriage. But when her husband returned from his latest trip, Savannah finds a pretty red thong and now she has lots of questions. But before Savannah can get answers, her husband goes into cardiac arrest. Now, as Sheldon fights for his life, Savannah struggles to put her bitterness aside. And her husband's handsome heart doctor may be the only one that can help Savannah get through to the truth.

One little ticket is about to change their lives. . . but is it for better or for worse? When the office lotto pool lands the winning ticket for four friends, each will embark on journeys that change their lives forever. With a bitter former coworker lurking in the background, these friends are discovering their big payday will definitely change their lives…just not in the ways they expected.

Meet the Days, Howards, Madison, and Lees. Four wealthy couples obsessed with keeping up appearances. Pearson, Vonita, Nadalia and Ryan want the world to believe that they live flawlessly prosperous lives but behind the custom made doors of their elaborate mansions, lay salacious secrets that are becoming harder to hide.

Attorney Khendra Phillips isn’t used to dealing with men on anything more than a business level. After having her heart broken years ago, she has spent her time focusing on her budding legal career, and it has paid off—or has it?
Khendra learns the case that will make her career is being given to hotshot New York City lawyer Sean Michaels, and she can’t deny her attraction to the devastatingly handsome attorney. Can she let go of the past in order to be found guilty of love?

Lights, camera, action…Tamara Collins is poised to become the next great American actress. The problem is Hollywood doesn’t know that just yet…..and since her bills aren’t paying themselves, Tamara signs on to star in the new stageplay, It Should’ve Been Me. Get in, get out, get paid…that’s all Tamara wants to do. But her co-stars – including Donovan Dobbs, her ex that left her at the altar and Camille Woods, a young starlet with a serious grudge – could make this the worst decision Tamara’s ever made. Whatever it takes… Playwright/producer Gwen Tanner Weinstein has decided if her neglectful husband can’t give her love, she’ll take his money. And use it to make her stageplay dreams come true. She’s put together an amazing cast, sold out shows across the country and is ready to take her rightful reign as one of the top play producers in the country. If only she can keep the drama contained to the stage….and that sexy young merchandising guy out of her bed…. From shady crew members, to unscrupulous paparazzi, It Should’ve Been Me is bound to be turned into real life drama that will rival anything that could ever happen on the stage.

What goes around, comes around... The sudden death of an alcoholic, lying and manipulative mother sets off a chain of events that forces two worlds to eventually collide, releasing secrets and pain that could change lives for everyone involved. Janice Williams is finally living the life that she’s always dreamed. A respected dean of a university, with an adoring husband, she is finally happy -- except for the hole in her heart that remains from a long ago tragedy. Nicole Henry is enjoying the carefree life of a college student, until her adoptive parents announce they’re divorcing and tapped out financially. Desperate, Nicole is forced to turn to one of her professors, unaware that Jeffrey Larson (aka Lars) is running his own masterful game – one seeking a vengeance that will draw both women into his world.

More than meets the eye.

On the outside, clinical psychologist, Dr. Olivia C. Maxwell appears to live a life others only dream about. She has a sexy husband, a big house, luxury cars, two gorgeous children and she attends all the see-and-be-seen events. To add to the mix, she is beautiful, tall, fit, and intelligent. But what people can't see is that inside, Olivia is living a nightmare.

As the only dark-skinned member of her family, Olivia grew up hating the skin she’s in and she's spent her life desperately searching for acceptance. It's not long before those deep insecurities sabotage everything she loves.

Friends ‘til the end....

After being estranged best friends for ten years, Savvy Menefee is back in Olivia's life. And her reappearance is right on time because Olivia is teetering on the edge. A whirlwind of crazy reactions is leading Olivia into a slow, out-of-control spiral. And Savvy must try to save her friend before destructive impulses leave Olivia in the midst of mayhem and murder.


Lachelle Jackson appears to have it all; a husband who adores her; a job that fulfills her and friends that love her unconditionally.When Lachelle learns that she is pregnant, what should be the best experiences of her life becomes one of the darkest times she ever endured.Facing a life-threatening pregnancy, in the midst of insurmountable grief, can Lachelle find the strength to fight for her life and that of her unborn baby? Can she overcome depression and move beyond memories of her past to accept God’s greatest gift…LOVE?

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After marrying her college sweetheart, Ginger Williams gave up her own professional dreams to help her husband follow his dream of building a megachurch. It’s not long before Ginger and her husband, Jeremy, turn a small D.C. church into a burgeoning empire….catapulting the couple into a popular powerhouse.

But with a bigger spotlight comes more temptation…and the power is corrupting Jeremy in ways Ginger never imagined. When she seeks the advice of her peers on the First Ladies’ Council, she’s shocked when they tell her to accept Jeremy’s infidelities so she doesn’t damage the church and affect the many business opportunities coming their way.

With every part of her life—family faith, and finances—hanging in the balance, Ginger must decide if she will continue to live in the shadow of the sins of her husband…or face life on the other side of the pulpit.


Confession is good for the soul….or is it? Secrets have a way of festering inside of us. Sometimes we release them, sometimes they find their way out. Most the time, they come with a whole set of problems. In this tantalizing compilation of stories, fifteen talented writers explore what happens when secrets and lies are revealed. From Nicole Bird-Faulkner’s story about a woman whose fear of marriage sends her running into the arms of her ex… Eric Jamal’s story about a man who can’t let go of the love of his life….to Nakecia Bower’s tale about a scorned wife ready to exact revenge on a celebrity….to Corey Bu-Shea’s story about an NBA athlete whose whole life is upended by a devastating secret…to Tamika Lucas’ story about a woman whose husband reveals he wants a divorce, just as she’s about to tell him she won the lottery...these riveting stories will have you clamoring for more as they show the best – and the worst – of what happens when secrets and lies are revealed.

In The Motherhood Diaries, ReShonda Tate Billingsley

and other mothers shared the good, the bad, and the ugly

of raising kids in the new millennium. Now, they're back

with more hilarious and heartwarming musings on motherhood. Motherhood can be the toughest – and funniest – job you'll ever have. Raising kids is hard work, but humor

can make the journey a little easier - even if you just have

to laugh to keep from crying. 

From fairytale romances to dating disasters and

everything in between, The Dating Game chronicles the

stories of hopefuls on their journey toward happily ever

after. In this compilation of dating stories, sixteen writers

share tales of adventures and experiences while on the

quest toward finding Mr. Right. From Tania Renee

Zayid 's story of what happens when one woman becomes

determined to keep the perfect man that she met online . . .

.to Natalie Leffall's hilarious look into the dating world

of a plus-size girl . . . to Keleigh and Gina's rib-tickling

and surprisingly dangerous, speed dating fiasco. . . and

Gina Torres' tale of love, heartache, and the power of

letting go . . . these diverse stories will make you laugh,

cry, and root for the characters to land Mr. Right.

All I Want for Christmas 9781944359331.j

Christmas Time Is Here… And Brown Girls Books is bringing you nineteen talented writers, sharing heartwarming stories filled with the joy, sorrow and downright drama of this magical season. Christmas time brings out the best – and for some, the worst – in us and these holiday tales capture it all, just in time to warm your soul for the holidays. All I Want For Christmas is filled with tear-jerking, treasured, and laugh-inducing stories. Like Sonia Johnston’s “Home for Christmas,” a ripped-from-the-headlines story of one woman willing to risk everything to have her husband home by Christmas morning….or Stacie's Lee’s amazing story about second chances in “Two Wise Men”….Then there’s Cryssy Dee’s “Red Heartstrings,” which explores a hopeful journey from shattered dreams to peace and joy…and Yvette Danielle’s “The Beat of My Drum,” which tests a single mom’s faith as she tries to fulfill the wish of her son… or Joyce A. Brown’s “Please Come Home For Christmas,” a tale about a not-so- picture perfect family gathering … And “Sister Grinch” by Venita Alderman Sadler about a women who is set on making everyone’s Christmas miserable…and many more. All of which are bound to fill your heart with of all the joy, wonder, and magic of the season.

Single Mama dating! It doesn't get anymore complicated than that. How can you find love when you have a career and kids? Where can you find that love connection? Is he on-line, in church, standing in front of the grapefruit in the grocery store? In these hilarious and heart-warming stories, you'll find single moms finding love in the most interesting of places, all while steering clear of the crazies, the lazies and definitely, the shadies. In Single Mama Dating Drama, seventeen talented writers share fictional stories about the woes, pitfalls, and joys of dating while raising kids. From Monica Lynne Foster’s explosive tale of an ex who fights for custody of his child while fighting to gain his ex-wife back from her newfound love…to Dwon D. Moss’ hilarious Internet dating spin on a widow who runs into a holy roller, a pretty boy and a liar….to Candice Y. Johnson’s laugh-out-loud take on a mama whose baby girl prophetically dismisses all of her potential suitors…to Denise Anquenette’s story of how one woman's attempt to take back control of her life strains the bonds and boundaries of her relationship with her children… Michelle Mitchell’s sticky tale of a woman who meets her mate at a sperm bank…. these captivating stories are sure to make you laugh, shake your head, clutch your pearls, and cheer for these mamas and all their dating drama!

Love is a powerful drug…whether it’s the love of family,

friends, or that special someone who takes your breath

away…chances are, you know the feeling. But what happens

when it all goes wrong? Do you break up, then make up?

Or do you just walk away?
In The Ex Chronicles, twenty talented writers share

stories about relationships that falter…among spouses,

lovers, family, and friends. From Penelope Christian’s

story of a woman who goes

to great lengths to save her “perfect” life… LaKesa

Cox’s story of a woman finding the strength to finally

let go after forty years of marriage……to Dwon Johnson’s

heartbreaking tale of losing the one you love. . . to Yvette

Danielle's unexpected twist on judging a man by his

shoes. . .these stories will make you laugh, cry, and root

for the exes in these chronicles.
Each riveting story reflects on broken bonds, bruised

hearts, and open wounds - proving that all is fair in the

battle of the exes.


"Momma set me on the jukebox." So begins the personal story of Denise (Sweetie) Wooten, set between a post-civil rights era New York City and a growing, but stale rural Alabama. We are thrust in the midst of a family longing for normalcy, but instead struggling with illness and all that comes with it; denial, anger and misunderstanding and love. As cultures clash, we see the family through a child s eyes and walk with her as she makes sense of war fought far away, but with effects close to home, and a tragedy that changes her life forever. More truth than not, Momma: Gone is a story of survival, where all the lessons are taught by the child who must eventually lead them through and a classic American story of overcoming life s misfortunes to find the bloom on the other side. -Shortlisted for a Doctorow Award in Innovative Fiction

As a child, Ever Lee Hairston faced one disappointment after the other. A product of share-cropping parents and raised on one of the biggest plantations in the South, Ever allowed those disappointments to diminish her self-confidence and sully her self-esteem. Not to mention, that for years, the young Ever hid a terrible secret, which she hadn’t told anyone – not her family, her friends, her teachers, and as she got older, even her employers. Ever Lee didn’t want to accept that she was slowly losing her eyesight. As darkness began to envelop her, and inspired by the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Ever eventually decided to stop feeling sorry for herself and face her fears. Through two turbulent marriages, a host of setbacks, and a life that was getting harder and harder to manage, Ever encountered defeats, but was determined not to be defeated. Now, decades after she lost her eyesight, her powerful story is one of inspiration and ambition….and helping others realize their lives have purpose as they reach their full potential in spite of any obstacles in their paths.

Powerful...Poignant...Inspiring As a child growing up in South Central Los Angeles, Gregory Marshall was enamored with the fast life. Money, women and cars were the things to have and Greg was determined to get them-by any means necessary. It wasn't long before the innocent youngster had turned into a cold-hearted gangster known around town simply as G Man. His ruthless life of crime made him a legend in South Central LA-and the go-to man for everyone from Tupac Shakur to the notorious Monster Kody. But a drug deal gone bad eventually left him shot and near death...forcing him into the ultimate struggle for survival. Faced with intense rehabilitation and paralyssis that had crippled the entire right side of his body, Greg had two choices, give up or get up. He chose the latter. And with the use of only one finger, he wrote his story through gritty, breathtaking, and sometimes brutal details...including his anger at injustices, the pain of abandonment and one unlikely act of kindness that started him on the path of healing and forgiveness.

Identical twins, Alisha and Marisa Readus were living the middle class suburban dream. With hard-working parents and the best of everything, their paths were predestined for greatness. Or so it seemed….
The fast life
Suburban life quickly plunged downhill after their parents’ divorce. Their new urban life took its toll as the twins approached their teenage years, and before their parents knew it, they were hanging with the wrong crowds, doing the wrong things, and recharting their life course. Alisha would be lured into life as a stripper, filled with sex, drugs, and a rotation of bad boys. While Marisa sought sex and money by any means necessary. 
What’s done in the dark
It wouldn’t be long before the fast life caught up with the twins. After becoming embroiled in crime, their glamorous world came tumbling down. The identical twins were sentenced to prison – and torn away from their small children.
It didn’t take long for these sisters to want better…and although they were hundreds of miles apart, both of them were determined to break thru the mental and physical bars, reclaim their children, rebuild their lives, and recharge their course.
In a riveting, personal memoir, Alisha and Marisa share their cautionary yet inspirational tale and hopefully inspire others to break thru their own bars.


Small Pearl front cover.jpg

In a powerful explosion of Lessons and Affirmations of life, leadership and love, Terry Williams Spicer provides strategic tools for exquisite black and brown girls. Designed for PEARLS of all ages, this poignant book will help them prepare and navigate the journey of life and confidently utilize the power of their voices to achieve dreams, goals and vision yet to be imagined.

As the founder of the mentoring initiative, The SISI Small PEARLS Apprentice Program, Terry has taught leadership development and life-enhancing skillsets that have helped girls and women find the fullness of their tremendous gifts and stand in flat-footed confidence, owning and knowing who they are and who God made them to become. The Small PEARL In Every Girl is the extension of this dynamic Program.

Terry invited her Circle of PEARLS, global, corporate and community leaders from across the nation to write Love Letters of Affirmation and Legacy to share their wisdom and remarkable experiences to educate, empower and help propel our girls forward.

Terry's Lessons and each Letter will help young girls everywhere embrace and lift the trajectory of their lives to powerful todays and stellar tomorrows.

9781944359874 In the Company of My  Sist

Dance as though no one is watching youLove as though you have never been hurtSing as though no one can hear youLive as though heaven is here on earth- AnonymousFor millions of women, the words "You have breast cancer" are a harsh reality. For Black women, those words hit especially hard as the mortality rate for Black women is staggering. It's a battle Karen Eubanks Jackson knows all too well. A FOUR-time breast cancer survivor, Jackson has used her triumphs, tragedies and lessons learned to inspire others. Now, she’s sharing it all in this evocative new book, In the Company of My Sisters.First diagnosed in 1993, Jackson knew little about the disease, despite the fact that she’d had a relative die from breast cancer. It was, after all, a silent shame the family kept. Determined to educate herself, Jackson devoured herself in research. And when she couldn’t find information or support specifically for Black women, she set out to fill that void, creating Sisters Network Inc., the only national survivorship-run organization designed to increase local and national attention to the devastating impact that breast cancer has in the Black community.In the Company of My Sisters is Jackson’s story. Her truth in battling the disease for 27 years. How she survived. How she succeeded and built a national sisterhood of Black breast cancer survivors. How she hopes to continue inspiring and educating others along the way. The book is filled with personal experiences and observations from Jackson as well as other survivors, and will give insight into what shaped Jackson into a woman able to beat breast cancer – again and again and again. And with all the valuable information Jackson has accumulated over the years, this book will also serve as a one-stop resource for all your breast cancer questions. For those battling breast cancer, those walking the journey with survivors, and those who just want to educate themselves, In the Company of My Sisters will inspire you by the beauty and strength of the human spirit and why Jackson has made it her life’s mission change the course of the narrative surrounding the disease and help Black women take action to beat breast cancer.

The Perfect Planning Guide for Book clubs! 
The African American author is often overworked, overlooked and underrated. That coupled with the closing of many bookstores, which had long been the gathering place for these authors, and the emergence of E-readers, has changed the way in which our writers and readers meet and converse. Though book clubs have long been a cornerstone of the African American community, at no other time in our history has it been more important for readers to support African American authors and to help fill the void left by the closing of our brick and mortar stores. A well organized book club can be invaluable in spreading the news about great books and talented authors and what better way to achieve that than bringing these two groups together in a well-planned and executed literary event. 
Plan It! The Complete Resource Guide for Authors, Book Clubs, & Literary Event Planners provides anyone who wants to start a book club with an all-in-one guide to planning book club and literary events. This required companion includes forms, checklists, and tips to start and manage book club meetings, author visits, and planning full-scale literary events. Not just for book clubs, though, this handy guide also provides authors and event planners with the information they need to make any event a resounding success.