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When it comes to solving mysteries, Annalise The Kid Detective is on the case! Using her uncanny talents, she can dig up things when everyone else has given up.

With her unique team by her side, including her mother and other kid detectives, Annalise not only helps find missing items, but helps people discover the missing message behind their item.

The Box
Annalise’s teacher is excited about the box of books she brought to class. Each student will get a personalized book that could change their lives forever. But before she can distribute them, someone steals the box! While everyone else panics, AKD is on the case! What she finds may open magical doors the students never thought possible.

The Book
Everyone is enjoying their personalized book, including Annalise, who’s excited about where the book is guiding her. But when she misplaces her beloved book, she’s devastated. Along with a colorful cast of characters, she goes on a journey of discovery to find the book and inspiration at every turn.

The Key
When a married couple hosts a dinner party, they take a moment to show their unique box, which holds a magical stone. After the party, they discover the key to open the box is missing! They hire Annalise The Kid Detective. As she does her best to keep tempers at bay and accusations from flying, she helps the couple locate the missing key and discover that things aren’t always what they seem.

The Stone
A magic stone that allows you to talk to people who have gone to Heaven is making news across the country. When it comes up missing after being displayed at a children’s art festival, Annalise The Kid Detective is the only hope to get it back.


One in five students admit to being a bully, or doing some "Bullying." Each day 160,000 students miss school for fear of being bullied. Bullying is real. That's why it's important to spread the word about how bad bullying is. In The Bully Stop, eight-year-old DJ Annie Red shares why it's something all of us need to work to stop - now! 

The talented trio that brought you The Perfect Present is back…with summer stories that will brighten your day, warm your heart, and prove that life is one of the greatest teachers there is. In Too Big for Teacups, Gabrielle Simone introduces us to the Fernandez family, who is on their way to Disney for a vacation. Marlena, the oldest, would rather stay home and practice with her dance team. But her parents make her go, and Marlena trudges through a miserable week of what was supposed to be a family bonding experience. In the midst of her complaining, her best friend, Jennifer, helps her learn a valuable life lesson and a new outlook on family time. In Jackie Lee’s A Lesson for Summer, 14-year-old twins, Gloria and Valerie James, had planned their ideal summer vacation. But when their father announces that he’s taking over a new church in a new city, the girls find their summer ruined! Instead of spending their days shopping, talking about boys, and going to the movies, they were going to be moving and volunteering to mentor a bunch of snotty-nosed seven-year-olds. The twins do everything in their power to sabotage their parents’ plans for them. However, in the end, they learn life lessons that truly make this the perfect summer for both of them. Morgan Billingsley is back with twins, Max and Mickey in A Country Summer. And this time, the suburban duo is unplugging from their iPads, Wi-Fi, and Netflix, to spend the summer with their extended family in a small Arkansas town. This was not at all Mickey’s idea of fun. In fact, she hates the boring country and her “classless” relatives. While Max fits right in with his cousins, Mickey soon feels left out and learns a valuable lesson about life - it doesn’t matter what you have…what matters is who you have

Three amazing stories about the magic of Christmas and discovering what really matters when it comes to celebrating the season! Operation: Santa is Real Max and Mickey are twins who share everything! A love of sno cones, video games, and Christmas…especially Santa Claus. But Max no longer believes in Santa and Mickey is on a mission to convince her brother that Santa is real. But when her plan backfires, Mickey may find herself on Santa’s naughty list. And when all is said and done, the M and M twins will learn what really matters when it comes to celebrating the season. Friending the Grinch Jasmine can’t seem to find her Christmas spirit. A new girl named Jayla has stolen her joy, and some of her friends. Between her conniving and lying, Jayla is ruining Jasmine’s life. But Jasmine is the only one that can see Jayla for the Grinch that she is. Everyone else is fooled by her sob story of a tough life. Can Jasmine get her family and friends to see the truth? Or will Jayla help her discover a few things about herself? The Littlest Elf Kylie is small. The tiniest elf in Santa’s workshop and she can’t seem to do anything right. After nearly ruining Christmas, she finds herself wondering if she will ever be good enough to work for Santa. Following a whirlwind adventure, she finds that she was closer to the answer than she thought. Join Kylie as she discovers the real meaning of Christmas!

Anything I Wanna Be is a book of poems and stories to inspire brown girls, written by two little brown girls.

Young Adults

On the list of things Washington Square would rather be doing, reading ranks right below cleaning his room. In fact, the only thing Washington wants to do on his summer vacation is play basketball, especially with the big tournament right around the corner. But one call from his teacher about his reading grades, and Washington's summer plans are about to be rewritten. Not only have his parents taken away basketball - they're making him read AND travel to East Texas for a family reunion. Could life get any worse? When Washington tires of his family, he grabs a book and goes off to read. But one swirl of dirt transplants Washington from his family's reunion to the past - where he encounters his ancestors and witnesses the brutal punishment of a slave when he is caught reading. After watching slaves long for something he took for granted, Washington just wants to return home. Will he ever see his family again, or will the circle of dirt keep him trapped in the past forever. In this amazing time travel book, Teffanie Thompson takes you on a journey into the past that is guaranteed to have you appreciating the present.

Butterfly Arising.jpg

Sasha Anderson is on the edge….Everyone knows that she lied about who the father of her child was. Now, everyone is demanding the truth, her mother has kicked her out of the house and she’s this close to losing custody of her baby. What’s a girl to do when life is an overwhelming struggle and dying takes too much trouble and effort? 

A new beginning…

College seems to be Sasha’s savior. After enrolling in Michigan State University (with her baby in tow), she begins the struggle back from the abyss, juggling studies, a baby and a job. She doesn’t have time or energy to try to figure out her life and she definitely doesn’t have time for friends or lovers.
Suleiman Richardson is a former Marine battling his own demons. What he needs is a friend to help him redeem something he has lost and get his life back on track. And that friend is Sasha – whether she knows it or not. Suleiman’s friendship helps Sasha face some hard truths about her baby…who the father is…and why choosing life is the best answer. The journey will teach Sasha about faith, love, friendship, self-confidence and the ability to speak the truth, even when her voice wants to be silent.

An apocalyptic Junior year.... Raging hormones turn asthmatic Damon Hamilton from nerd to heartthrob - literally overnight. Young ladies splatter against him like bugs on a windshield. For Damon, sudden popularity does not equal smooth sailing. He brutally and publicly dismisses possessive, beautiful senior, Sasha Anderson, who has initiated him into the world of sex. Gang members attack him in jealous rage. And Damon has had enough. Senior year, Time for a change... At a new school, Damon gets his head back in the books, falls in love - true love - and turns his attention to one thing, getting into college and as far away from Lansing, Michigan as possible. Damon hasn’t bargained on Sasha detonating a bomb in his life. There is nothing more ferocious than a girl who has been rejected in love, except one who’s been rejected in love and left with a baby on board. What’s a dude to do? Step up.