Brown Girls Books is an exclusive boutique publishing company, boasting a roster of over 40 authors. BGB strives to provide a voice for literary fan favorites, while introducing the next generation of authors.  Nationally-recognized in the publishing industry, BGB is committed to bringing readers the best in books.

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When it comes to solving mysteries, Annalise The Kid Detective is on the case! Using her uncanny talents, she can dig up things when everyone else has given up.

With her unique team by her side, including her mother and other kid detectives, Annalise not only helps find missing items, but helps people discover the missing message behind their item.

The Box
Annalise’s teacher is excited about the box of books she brought to class. Each student will get a personalized book that could change their lives forever. But before she can distribute them, someone steals the box! While everyone else panics, AKD is on the case! What she finds may open magical doors the students never thought possible.

The Book
Everyone is enjoying their personalized book, including Annalise, who’s excited about where the book is guiding her. But when she misplaces her beloved book, she’s devastated. Along with a colorful cast of characters, she goes on a journey of discovery to find the book and inspiration at every turn.

The Key
When a married couple hosts a dinner party, they take a moment to show their unique box, which holds a magical stone. After the party, they discover the key to open the box is missing! They hire Annalise The Kid Detective. As she does her best to keep tempers at bay and accusations from flying, she helps the couple locate the missing key and discover that things aren’t always what they seem.

The Stone
A magic stone that allows you to talk to people who have gone to Heaven is making news across the country. When it comes up missing after being displayed at a children’s art festival, Annalise The Kid Detective is the only hope to get it back.

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