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Eric Jamal

Contributing Author to the Confessions: Secrets and Lies Revealed Anthology

Get to know me...

What is your story about? 

Love gone misunderstood.


What do you want readers to take away? 

That life sometimes can throw you into a tailspin... it’s how you handle it that makes it a teachable moment or worse. In this story, of course it's a worst-case scenario.

Why do you write? 

To allow my thoughts to be as wild as possible, and tell a story that can be a temporary drift from reality.

Do you have a day job?

I have several different jobs - finding time to write was challenging but that’s the beauty of creative work. I rose to the challenge and worked writing into whatever job I was doing.


What's your dream job?

Music as a job. I would sing and write songs to sing for eternity. Now that’s a dream.


Where would you like to be professionally in 5 years?

Established in sharing the different realities in my mind through writing. With music at the center of sharing stories through song.


What would people be shocked to know is on your playlist?​

I love Hall & Oates ("I Can't Go For That" is playing right now!)



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